Design Research | Research Proposal part 1

Part of the premaster program is the module Design Research. Design Research encorporates several aspects. Among which are theory sessions about how to do research and how to report about it, the Design Research project (1&99% Project), and the writing of a research proposal for next year’s graduation project.

For this last part I talked with Steven Malliet about my ideas. It so happened to be that I still needed to write my paper for the subject Media & cultural theory. So I talked to him about writing this paper about the topic of exergaming because it had been on my mind for a while and I had been thinking about choosing this as a topic for my research proposal. He then encouraged me to do some preliminary research on the topic through the writing of the paper for his subject. Really cool if you ask me.

I also got in contact with dhr. Jack Opgenoord of the ‘Huis voor de Sport Limburg‘ foundation. He told me about a big project that will be starting soon called Sportzone Limburg.  This project will be situated in Sittard around the Fortuna stadium. A whole new sports centrum will be built among which a specialized area for expertimental sports like exergames. You can take a look at the Sportzone Limburg program here.

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