Play Mobile | Cantina Observation

One of the main topics of the module Play Mobile has been developing a sense of empathy for your target group and end users. Social interaction is of utmost importance in both the design process as the resulting solution. As part of the research process for our final projects all of our class did an observation of the behavioural patterns that take place in the canteen of the M.D.A. I volunteered to make a sketch of how the people moved through the space of the canteen.

I also asked some people from Animation to make a sketch of their view on the roles and stereotypes of the different departments of the M.D.A. I also did a short interview with them and they gave me a caricaturisation of their class in the theme of the movie ‘Der Untergang’. They told me that every week someone gets to choose a theme and then they all make a self portrait based on that theme as a form of team building and ‘creative therapy’. The drawing is made by Koen Gabriels & Steven PincĂ© from 3 Animation.

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