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Future Studio has been all about getting to know your target audience. Design for togetherness is the main topic of the course. I’ve learned a lot about sustainable design and transformational design. I’ve really come to like this subject since it deals so much with ethics in design culture and thinking out solutions for real people and real world problems.

The theme for this year is the social disequilibrium of the generations and ethnic groups of tuinwijk Winterslag. To get to know my target audience I’ve done research throughout various parts of Genk. During a trip to local pub ‘Cafe de Nijverheidsduif’ I got my inspiration for my project concept. The whole pub was decorated in the style of the pigeon sports club ‘de Nijverheidsduif’.

Photo ethnography of Tuinwijk Winterslag  5-4-2010  and  of visit to Cafe ‘De Nijverheidsduif’ in Winterslag 16-4-2010

Photo ethnography of visit to Mijndepot Waterschei (Erfgoeddag) 25-4-2010

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