Slavoj Žižek

A few days ago Chris sent me a video of the Slovenian sociologist/philosopher Slavoj Žižek in which he explains the value of garbage. The video fragment is part of the documentary Examined Life in which a variety of philosophers take to the streets.

After doing some research on Mr. Žižek I stumbled across a recent episode of the Dutch documentary program ‘Tegenlicht’ in Žižek is asked to comment on topicalities like the Middle Eastern conflict, the financial crisis and religious fanaticism. Žižek, being a true Marxist poses the thought that capitalism is the root of all this evil.

I also came across the documentary ‘žižek!‘ in which a video crew follows Mr. Žižek for a period of time and documents the personal side of his career as a cultural critic and anti-capitalist think tank.

Really good stuff. I enjoyed every minute of it. Have a look at the video fragment that got me hooked if you like:

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