What inspires me

vinceHere’s a few things that I get up for in the morning  - thinking about ways in which (interaction) design can save the world, drawing, animating, open source, coding & hacking things together. I am particularly keen on working on projects that involve user research, fieldwork and that deal with social challenges. I am also fond of projects in which art and technology work together to explore what it means to be human in an evermore connected and globalised world.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Communication & Multimedia Design. I have also completed 1,5 years of a two year master of the same name after which I decided to change course and pursue a masters degree in Interaction Design. In June 2012 I graduated from the Interaction Design Master’s program at Malmö University with my thesis project on making dreams physical. The project explored the potential emotive qualities of contemporary consumer electronics. I investigated if people can make a meaningful connection with physical abstractions of their dreams by having a group of users drink coffee blends generated from their vital signs. Their vital signs were recorded while they were asleep through a custom designed sensor waistband.


What design means to me

I am a firm believer in user centered design that addresses real human needs. I firmly believe the user is to be regarded and respected as an expert in the design process and has an implicit understanding of design space. The technology that enables the user experience is essential but plays a supporting role and should where possible blend into the background. I am most passionate about projects that address real social needs and value conceptual and creative thinking and the skills that are required to bring ideas into the world as products and services.


What I have achieved thus far

Here are a just few of the things I’ve achieved in my design career so far.I have…

  • …won the Knowledge in Practice award with my Bachelor graduation project.
  • …completed a 6 month apprenticeship at international design consultancy Estudio Mariscal in Barcelona
  • …worked freelance for several Dutch interactive media consultancies
  • …was a member of the Malmö based School of Arts & Communication Arduino Prototyping Lab
  • …instructed the Physical Prototyping with Arduino course at Malmö University.
  • …developed internet controlled Christmas tree lighting for MEDEA centre for collaborative media
  • …and collaborated with the following companies and institutions…

Frugal Digital
The Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
MEDEA Collaborative Media Initiative
Malmö University
Blue Tea
Estudio Mariscal





What I can do

My skill set includes…

ethnography … story-boarding wire-framing sketching concept development  paper prototyping  visual design  animation                                   software development  hardware programming

More detailed information can be found in my C.V. Feel free to drop me a line at vincento – at – posteo – dot – net. I’m always interested in opportunities to solve new creative challenges and make new friends along the way.

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