ContextERRORist is an animation about bias and prejudice and its consequences.

The 9/11 terrorist attack was a gruesome act carried out by people representing only a small extremist Islamic minority, which in turn has amounted into America’s “War on Terror”. The numerous news reports about the incident had struck a nerve with me and I felt the urge to do something with the material. At the time I was experimenting with sound and exploring how it can be used to influence visual narratives. The animation features the audio track of one of a live FoxNews broadcast fading over into the sound track of a generic self-help Yoga video. With this animation I attempted to question the origin of the concept of terrorism and raise concerns on our perception of who is the villain and who is the victim.

At first the character in the animation seems to be the culprit of the events that are discussed and becomes the personification of terror, yet, ultimately, he is as much at the mercy of the real perpetrators as the other occupants of the World Trade Center, redeeming himself of our objurgation.


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