This project was conceived in my former home in the Netherlands. I wanted to build an internet connected object and experiment with the border between the physical and virtual, and the private and public spheres..

The digital message board comprised an ip-camera, a Arduino microcontroller, an ethernet shield, a 2×20 character LCD display, a small pager motor and a web interface. Whenever online visitors would submit a message using the web interface, the LCD screen would show their message and the pager motor (which held a small flag) would spin and whir.

It was interesting to observe how the limited amount of characters available influenced peoples exclamations and how multiple people who used the web site started to have anonymous conversations with each other through the setting of my living room.

The (disconnected at the moment) web interface can be accessed at

Source code (PHP and C) is available under a  Creative Commons License  license and is extensively documented.

Digital Message Board
Social Experiment

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