Exploring Kranen was a service design project focused on improving the navigational tools, like signage of a university building called Kranen in Malmö. By conducting interviews, mapping the user journey and iterative evaluation of paper prototypes, a final design proposal was reached for a contextual pop up map inviting exploration by presenting the textual and pictorial information in a layered format. When presented with different versions of maps of the building it became apparent that, in public buildings people only need a navigational tool as soon as they are already either lost, or they need to get somewhere immediately and have no time to navigate a complex comprehensive map. The available cheap dispensable paper maps (based on an architectural blueprint) confused users and would be discarded after one use leading to a lot of paper waste. The pop-up map invited exploration and encouraged users to visit places and become aware of facilities which would otherwise have escaped their attention. Additionally the pop-up map worked as a playful souvenir and could be kept or handed over to friends and relatives for their enjoyment encouraging them to visit the building as well.

Exploring Kranen was conceived in collaboration with Marcus Ghaly, Baris Serim & Sveta Suvorina.

Exploring Kranen
Service Design

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