The Intellocktual Bike is a smart bicycle concept designed to be stupid simple to use and to save time in those moments when time is short and your bicycle needs to be left unattended for just a couple of minutes. It allows the user to lock and unlock the bicycle without needing to touch it.

The concept is designed for postmen, pizza delivery people, couriers and carrier tricyclists for whom time is of the essence who have limited maneuverability and no hands free to manually lock and unlock their bicycle.. Admittedly it does not make the bicycle the most difficult to steal object on the planet, instead it is aimed at providing an added layer of security in situations where the bicycle would otherwise be left unlocked or locking it would pose unnecessary difficulty and delay. Additionally, the bicycle lights are turned on when an ambient light sensor detects it is evening and turning off as soon as the bicycle locks itself.

The system works as follows: Upon mounting the bicycle the cyclist’s unique RFID-enabled card in his back pocket syncs with the reading unit in the saddle, instantly unlocking the bicycle. When arriving at the destination the bicycle can be locked by flipping out the kickstand, which triggers both wheels to lock, making it impossible to easily roll away the bicycle on one wheel.

The concept has been successfully prototyped and tested using Arduino and a break out board mounted RFID reader and matching RFID enabled card. The video prototype above illustrates the usage scenario of the concept in comparison to a normal bicycle.

The Intellocktual Bike
Smart Bicycle Lock

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