Bose wanted to optimise the workflow between Design and Development so creatives can do their best work and deliver pixel perfect design on time for every product launch.


A design language that embodies the design principles of a brand that’s engineered to perfection, including an Adobe XD sticker sheet and reference documentation and organizational onboarding.

Key Results

About Design Systems

  • Design systems + pattern libraries are used by many companies to create one central source of truth for internal teams so that everyone has access to the most up-to-date assets throughout the design and development process.
  • In a design system based workflow, product teams start by checking if the design system already contains the UI elements required for the feature to be delivered:
    • If the UI elements already exist, then the existing CSS Classes are used to implement the feature
    • If not, then designs are created and CSS classes are written and added to the design system and pattern library, and then used to implement the feature